Web-Superfin - https://superfin.gss.ge is designed for different profiles and types of business entities, to automate their economic activities and accounting.

With its help you will receive a service with the latest capabilities and be able to have a complete record of your accounting.

On top of that, you will never have such troubles as installing the program, updating, taking care of data storage and so on.

Register and open an Organization

In a Web-Superfin - https://superfin.gss.ge work begins with the registration of the user. After registration, you can open the Web-Organization(s) and keep records.

It’s possible to invite desired users to the Organization. A user can be an executor of work, for example, an accountant, an operator, or interested parties, such as a founder, financial director, and etc.

For one user (accountant) the full Web-Superfin - https://superfin.gss.ge service is available for free and in this case the payment is only needed for allocated storage, and only if there are several tens of thousands of documents created in your organization.

Please see our pricing page

Working process

In a Web-Superfin Organization, directly on the Web-page in process is conducting accounting operations, creation of accounts and organize for accounting activities. Based on the implemented operations, it is also formulated here accounts turnover and the statements, which creates full accounting picture.

The 'Turnover' window shows the start balance of accounts, debit, credit and last balance. The filter of Information is available in a different of ways.

The changes to the documents are automatically saved in Web-Superfin.

It is possible to check the changes to the documents and restore them to the desired state anytime. It is also possible to restore the deleted documents.
It is possible to set the period for restoring the changed and deleted documents: for one month, for one year or indefinitely.

Web-Superfin has the ability to select wrongly launched documents and delete them collectively.

Using Web-Superfin together with Superfin Software

The Web-Superfin Organization can connect with the Superfin program Organization, which expands the possibilities. In particular, the following is done automatically without additional efforts of consumers:

Exporting the Accounts plan from the SuperFin Software to the Web-Superfin Organization.
Should be noted that at this time adding or deleting an account is available only from the Superfin program;
Exporting all the documents from the SuperFin Software to Web-Superfin;
Export of accounting operations to the SuperFin Software, listed in the Web-Superfin;

This means that Superfin is already available for work via the Internet and, thus existing information is accessible from any place.

Web-Superfin connection with RS.GE

In the Web-Superfin organisation it is possible to:

Create and upload to RS.GE clients requested invoices together.
Download together from RS.GE all invoices issued as well as received, which are issued for services or for advance payment.
Pair advance and advance delivery invoices and automatically prepare a pairing register in Excel format.
Link between Web-Superfin and the Bank of Georgia

It is possible to instantly download the transactions on the accounts of the Bank of Georgia in the form of documents automatically to the organization of Web-Superfin, without the intervention of the accountant. This is done through the Bank of Georgia’s API Integration.

If you require similar integration with other banks as well, please contact them with an official letter asking for the addition of the API Integration opportunities to their internet banking similar to that of the Bank of Georgia.

Please see our official letter template:

In Web-Superfin, you can receive balance, profit-loss and other financial reports with the desired parameters in many different sections.

Should be noted, that reports are received and saved in live Google Excel format, that can be viewed and downloaded as "MS Excel" files at any time.

You also have the possibility of ordering your desired report.

Superfin models
Data import from different financial or business accounting software

With the help of 'Superfin models' you can easily import exported Excel files, existing in other programs to Superfin, without any additional processing (conversion of columns, cells)

In order to import information with the help of 'Superfin models' to Superfin - just export the information from other programs into Excel, upload these files to the google drive folder created in 'Superfin Model' and give the order to import the model or specify automatic model import and it will automatically read their financial part without your intervention.

Based on your requirements, we will systematically create 'New models of Superfin', so exported files of Excels from other programs, containing financial information can be imported to Superfin.

Subscribe to the information

Web-Superfin Subscription Service is a way to provide information to interested users.

Sharing information is going to be fast and organized.

For example, the Accountant can give the information to 'Customer Relations Manager' about the client's accounts that might be interesting to him, on the basis of which he will receive an email until the next day, with information about debt changes.

Attaching files

In Web-Superfin it is possible to attach pdf, Word, Excel, mp3, mp4, as well as any image format files to accounts and documents. As a result, the necessary documents are saved in an organized manner, electronically, directly in the program and once needed they are easily retrieved, instead of having to search through tens of heavy binders.

For file attachment users have a separate, free file storage with 10 times more storage, that they have for saving data (Initially allocated for free + purchased).

For example: when purchasing 1 GB of storage, 10 GB of storage is automatically activated for attaching files - Please see our price page

Up-to-date technologies

Information is protected without any extra effort or attention. In the working process, there is no need for the program installation or reinstallation.

'Web-Superfin' program works by cloud system, which means, that it can be used via internet, what gives the opportunity to the retail managers and directors to manage and control working processes from any place.

While using the technology mentioned above, the speed of the program equals to the Google working speed. That’s why unlimited number of users can work simultaneously and server won’t be overloaded. Using the Google services, gives opportunity to quickly process unlimited data.

Security guarantee lies on the feature, that information processed in the program, is stored on the several thousands of server of Google and is secured with the highest standard technologies for nowadays, such services is provided by – Gmail, Google Doc, Google Drive, Google+…Which means, that there is no threat of losing the information, because it is provided with the such guaranteed protection, like Google servers have. Additionally, it is possible to download information and save on local computer or on any kind of saving tool.

One more benefit, gained from using cloud system is, that there is no more need for spending money on expensive computers/servers and the additional supporting tools like (UPS-permanent source of electricity, Data storage, Data archiving tools etc.).

Also there is no need to spend the time and expenses allocated for the installing programs (installation, reinstallation, update etc.). Accordingly, the work of highly paid IT personal is more rational and effective.

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