Accounting - from anywhere

Web-Superfin - open Organization and do accounting

Web-Superfin - - represents a space where you can open Organizations, invite other users and keep accounting records.

Your SuperFin Software - Make it available from anywhere

Moreover, if you are using Superfin Software, by connecting it to Web-Superfin, the documents will be automatically synchronized and enable you to add accounting operations to Superfin and access other information from any location.

Link Web-Superfin Organization with RS.GE

Upload / Download RS Invoices together.

Subscribe to your desired information

Joint use SuperFin Software and Web-Superfin increases your opportunities. The Web-Superfin subscription service allows users to periodically receive necessary information.

For example, the Accountant can subscribe information for the 'Clients Relations Manager' about the client accounts that are interesting to him, on the basis of which he will receive information on the email until the next day.

Have everything for the business growth and development

Web-Superfin is constantly evolving and simultaneously considers the growing demands of consumers.

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